The other 50 Things

I am not here. I am supposed to be writing.

51. I’m Aquarian. It’s not my fault I’m addicted to technology.

52. I don’t believe in horoscopes but I’m utterly fascinated by the patterns of shared characteristics in astrology.

53. I seem to be fatally attracted to male Leos and female Librans. Not kidding.

54. My first tattoo was a Celtic coloured representation of the Aquarius glyph.

55. My second tattoo was of the Chinese symbol for goat/sheep.

56. I promised myself I would only get a third tattoo after I finished Mike and Lindsey’s novel.

57. I’m not sure now if I will get that tattoo.

58. But I will finish the novel.

59. I am woefully shortsighted.

60. But I have pretty awesome glasses, thanks to my aunt. Not too trendy, though.

61. The worst thing you can call me is ‘conservative.’ That is a very, very bad word in my personal vocabulary.

62. I tend to spit that word.

63. I swear a lot.

64. I consider myself a lady, naturally.

65. I can’t speak Hindi any more — doubt I ever could really — but I can understand it quite well.

66. Which makes for hilarious eavesdropping on the bus sometimes.

67. I’ve never been back to India since I left.

68. I’m too afraid to go back because so much will have changed and I don’t want my memories to be replaced.

69. I will never write a novel about the nostalgia of my Indian childhood.

70. It seems a sort of exploitation to me.

71. I have made my peace with the fact that I am probably a hipster.

72. I can’t help it that hipsters like what I like!

73. My grandmother was the most important person in my life for a very long time.

74. She drove me nuts with her stubbornness for a good portion of that time.

75. You can’t get me to do something I don’t want to.

76. I used to regularly fantasise about going back in time to meet various people I adore.

77. I was a total Mary Sue in my fantasies, yes.

78. I wrote my first novel about Michael Jackson.

79. Second one too, actually.

80. My favourite male name is still Michael.

81. If I ever have a daughter, her name will probably be Kate.

82. Because Katharine Hepburn.

83. I am a fangirl and quite unapologetic and proud of it. I love being part of a fandom or many.

84. Nothing maddens me more than being put down for being enthusiastic about something.

85. Probably a legacy of growing up in India.

86. My mother was an actress, a singer and in the advertising business.

87. I swore I would never enter the advertising business.

88. One of my favourite protagonists ended up working in the advertising business. Whoops.

89. Every novel I write has a playlist and a musical mascot.

90. Music is oxygen.

91. I wish I was about eight inches taller.

92. It’s pretty much the only thing I would change about my body.

93. I probably will never be married or in a relationship.

94. I’m curiously relieved about this.

95. Tim Buckley is my hero. I wish I could be as fearless as he was.

96. I wish I could be friends with Noel Coward and Preston Sturges and Katharine Hepburn and Montgomery Clift.

97. My parents met during an Indian production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

98. It’s probably why I’m an atheist.

99. And love musicals.

100. My favourite colour is blue.

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