50 Things … and Tumblr

So I’m determined that this year I’m going to be much more active on this here blog. Cos, well, why on earth not?

Having said that, I’ve just involved myself in this mahoosive meme over at Tumblr as part of the gratifyingly huge classic film fandom … 250 films in a year. And knowing me, I’ll prolly want to rabbit far more about a certain film than Tumblr will allow so it may spill over here. And of course, feel free to follow me over on Tumblr if you’re that way inclined (and don’t already). I’m way more active on there than any other place, really. Gosh, I’m so excited (and slightly intimidated) by this meme!

But for here and now, 50 of a 100 things about me cos I’m finding a bit of a struggle to talk about myself on this here blog. Lord, the irony.

(50 of) 100 Things About Me:

1. I can’t tell my right from my left.

2. It’s embarrassing.

3. I love time management games.

4. That involve food.

5. Because I totally can’t cook.

6. I wish I could cook. One day I will learn and then look out.

7. Despite this, I am a colossal foodie.

8. My favourite pizza topping is my own invention: tomato base, olive tapenade, prosciutto, pepperoni, fresh capsicum, mushrooms, and mozzarella.

9. I love perfume.

10. Apparently I have fairly unusual taste in perfume. I didn’t think so.

11. My most cherished perfume is the totally discontinued L’Occitane Magnolia.

12. I once wrote a piece of real person slash and named it after said perfume.

13. The pairing was Trent Reznor/Christian Bale.

14. Several months later, this happened:


15. I really want to see Christian Bale in a romantic comedy.

16. I was crushed when he said he wouldn’t ever be in one.

17. But then I look at Johnny Depp in Pirates and I have hope.

18. I am a total film buff.

19. But I try not to be a film snob.

20. Example: I adore Adam Sandler.

21. And will pretty much watch any romantic comedy.

22. I can’t stand foreign language films.

23. Unless they’re Bollywood or otherwise Indian.

24. I was born in India, you see.

25. I was born in Bombay back when it was Bombay.

26. I still have to correct myself in my head to Mumbai.

27. I left India at the age of 15.

28. I wouldn’t live anywhere else but Sydney.

29. But occasionally I like to dream of London.

30. I am quite an Anglophile, yes.

31. This makes me feel slightly guilty as an child of India.

32. I don’t think Gandhi would approve of me.

33. I think Nehru wouldn’t mind.

34. I get furious when people put the H in the wrong place in Gandhi. I mean, really? In this day and age? That really gets on my thungas.

35. Everything I know about being a moral creature, I learnt from Terry Pratchett.

36. Everything I know about being a woman writer, I learnt from Ursula Le Guin.

37. Everything I know about everything else, I learnt from Joss Whedon.

38. Fox Mulder is my soulmate.

39. Also, possibly Hawkeye Pierce.

40. I read Jane Eyre every year.

41. I may or may not rescue vintage editions of Jane Eyre from various places across the intarwebz. Only pre-1960.

42. I read American Psycho every two years.

43. Seeing Bret Easton Ellis in Sydney was one of the most wonderful nights of my life.

44. I was too shy to go up and meet him.

45. Neil Gaiman, too.

46. And Terry Pratchett.

47. I am always running out of place on my book and DVD shelves.

48. You’ll find me in the classic DVD section of any multimedia store.

49. Grumbling about the lack of Henry Fonda and Gene Tierney films on shelf.

50. If you took my phone away, I’d lapse into a catatonic state.

I’ll post the other riveting 50 tomorrow. Heh.

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